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Ice Cubes, Ice Water, & Your Face

By scrubtherapy, Oct 10 2014 10:23PM

Ice cubes /Ice water- Helps to boost radiance and freeze any lines on your face; tightens facial muscles and pores, giving you a little “lift”, and decreases any redness and puffiness.

Source- Supermodel Kate Moss (via multiple online celebrity beauty sites), and my husband’s Scottish Grandmother.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of ice cubes in your freezer and designate a special bowl for your face dips. When you wake up in the morning, or as Kate says, before getting ready to go to a special night out, dip your face in a bowl of ice water.

Side notes- This one is really amazing when you can be bothered to do it. A few years ago I was dipping every morning, but I fell out of the habit. When I was regularly using this tip, my face felt invigorated, and it had more of a radiant glow about it, and further to that, any puffiness around my eyes was totally diminished. It’s just the matter of getting your face dipped into that icy water. I would do a few face dips of about 15-20 seconds each, with a tiny break between. Thinking it’s time to get back into the habit. A final note, my husband swears that his Grandmother had the nicest, softest, and most supple skin until she was very advanced in age due to the fact that she would dip her face in ice water every day. It’s just something he's always remembered about her. I feel that if a man recalls it from years ago, it’s kind of a big deal ;)

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