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Mask Concentrate: Spiced Pumpkin Pollen - Organic Anti Aging & Brightening Mask


Each of our mask formulas comes with enough powder to make six or seven masks (this is not including the fact that if you have extra mixed mask left over,  you can save it covered in the fridge for a few days to do another mask).

Our organic Pumpkin Spice mask will be good for your skin all  year round, but especially perfect for your skin during Autumn & Winter seasons.  The weather is beginning to get chilly, then moving into winter  it becomes even chillier.  During these seasons we move back and forth between heated environments,  into cold and rain, snow and wind.  With this endless shifting into the varying weather and heated spaces, not to mention the generally darker days, our skin gets the worst of it, especially our exposed faces.  This mask will help to brighten and polish your face in these months that can leave your skin looking dull or lackluster.  Please read on to see ingredient list, further benefits, and complete instructions.

INFO: Brightening. Lightening. Smoothing. Treats Pigmentation. Anti-Aging. Antioxidant. Antibacterial.  Exfoliant. Enhanced Collagen Production. Increased Cell Turnover. Restores Suppleness & Tone.  Exfoliation. Anti-Acne. Detoxifying

INSTRUCTIONS:  DO NOT use metal utensils or to mix. Blend 2 tsps. of powder with small amount of milk, plain natural yogurt, pure honey, or water. Make a paste to desired consistency. Apply with mask brush or fingers to clean & damp face, neck & décolletage; once or twice per week. Leave 20-30 mins or until firm. Remove with warm water & wash cloth.

INGREDIENTS: (Entirely Organic Ingredients) Pumpkin Powder, Ground Bee Pollen Powder, Turmeric Powder, French Pink Clay, Ground Nutmeg, Ground Cinnamon.





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