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Bath Melt Truffles - Sachets 45g


Our beautifully scented bath melts come in a golden candy tin. The tin is filled to the brim with 100 grams of truffles, as well as a flourishes of dried jasmine, roses,and  pink himalayan salt. We also provide you with a bath strainer to catch the petals and protect your bath drain.

NOTE: They look delicious enough to eat but are meant only to melt into your bath and nourish your skin.  Even though they are not edible,  if one is accidentally ingested it's fine as we they contain no chemicals.  

BENEFITS & INFORMATION: Cocoa Butter Contains natural antioxidants & is a natural skin emollient, well known for its moisturising properties as well as its ability to prevent & heal stretch marks.  Shea Butter & Raw Un-Alkalised Cacao Powder are Superfoods for your skin, excellent for skin regeneration. Almond Oil is rich in vitamins & deeply moisturising.  Pure essential oils deliver soothing aromas & skin toning benefits.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use a handful of truffles, putting them into a warm bath to disperse and give a fragranced moisturising soak. Use bath strainer to catch petals after your bath, & give tub a good wipe to clean oil residue for next bather.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Orange, Bergamot & Nutmeg Essential Oils, Organic Raw Non Alkalised Cacao Powder, Organic Ground Nutmeg Powder, Organic Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Dead Sea Salt, Rose Petals. (White Chocolate blend contains no essetntial oils.)





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