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These blends smell either very subtly of coconut, or quite obviously of chocolate cocoa with no added fragrance or even essential oils. The difference is all in the cocoa butter used.   Both blends contains JUST THE GOOD STUFF, PURE & SIMPLE. Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and either Organic Refined Cocoa Butter or Organic unrefined Cocoa Butter.  These two main ingredients and a dash of two little anti-oxidantse to preserve freshness. That's it.
White Chocolate or Coconut - Super Butter!!!
Totally Natural and Organic Plumping lip balm.  Chemical and Preservative Free.
Natural Plumper Balm - Cinnamon or Peppermint
Our Body Balm can be used on your entire body, but.  A  deep healing moisture treatments for your hands and feet. On the neck & decollotage to help prevent fine lines which can occur there.  As a regular all all over body treatment  to combat dryness, lovely for after sun care, and extra dry winter hands. The 60ml& 100ml tins are legal airplane travel size.
Buttery Body Balm - Citrus Mistress & Chocolate Citrus Mistress
This tangy, uplifting, and refreshing blend started off as a custom blend and after it's immense popularity we decided it had to be up and available for everyone at all times.
Tangerine Love - Scrub Therapy
Lemony Lavender  is our signature blend, and you may have guessed that Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils give this sugar scrub  it's gorgeous scent.
Lemony Lavender - Keratosis Pilaris Treatment - Scrub Therapy
Our aromatic blend of pure essential oils were picked for their abilities to target toxins, and to get the lymph moving. The smell is actually so lovely,  and is so beneficial for cellulite and mild body acne.
Detox Blast! - Scrub Therapy

Chemical Free.

Pure, Natural

& Organic Ingredients.  

Vintage Inspiration.




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