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It's blend of  pure essential oils and Madagascan vanilla will be sure to become a favourite of yours.   Originally a custom made sugar scrub for a friend.  We took a favourite scented lotion of hers, and recreated the scent in our sugar scrub for her.  It also inspired the fragrance for our Heaven Scented Solid Perfume.  It's a gorgeous scent we were so happy to be introduced to.  The 100ml jar is legal for airplane travel.
Seychelles (Vanilla, Benzoin, Bergamot, Orange, Frankincense) - Scrub Therapy
This is our Super Butter used to help to treat not only stretch marks and scars, but with an added blend  of essential oils specifically to help treat cellulite, minor body acne or break outs, and to improve overall skin tone.
Blast! Detox Treatment - Super Butter! Cellulite, Body Acne, Skin Tone
Ultra refreshing scent! A wonderful boost for the morning. Helps to treat keratosis pilaris, soften, tone & exfoliate the skin.
Lemony Lime - Scrub Therapy
Our balm is suitable for taming and softening the the hair and facial hair on the man in your life.  It is however, also very useful for shaping YOUR hair, sealing down fly aways and partings to give a more chic and controlled look, and even ueseful for control over braided / plaited hairstyles and fancy up-dos.
Natural Beard Balm & Hair Pomade
Our natural option for the dreaded coldsore! But please note! This little tube is equally useful for an every day lip softening balm. It has been tested on hundereds of human lips and has proven to be highly effective.
Natural Coldsore Relief - Magic! Healing Balm
These blends smell either very subtly of coconut, or quite obviously of chocolate cocoa with no added fragrance or even essential oils. The difference is all in the cocoa butter used.   Both blends contains JUST THE GOOD STUFF, PURE & SIMPLE. Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and either Organic Refined Cocoa Butter or Organic unrefined Cocoa Butter.  These two main ingredients and a dash of two little anti-oxidantse to preserve freshness. That's it.
White Chocolate or Coconut - Super Butter!!!

Handmade in

Scotland, by a girl from California.





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