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Our Products:   

Our products are 100% HANDMADE in TINY BATCHES with COMPLETELY PURE, NATURAL & ORGANIC ingredients.




WE MAKE: Sugar Scrubs, Body Butters, Face Masks, Coldsore Healer, Lip Balms & Stains, Flower Infused Facial Oils & Serums , Solid Perfumes, and custom product orders.


***NOTE*** We have recently discovered several new to the natural beauty market...natural and naturally derived emulsifiers and preservatives that we are currently TESTING ON HUMAN BEINGS.  We are considering using these ingredients so that we can expand our brand to include more natural skincare products which will not go rancid in a few weeks, or that require refrigeration and again, go off in a few weeks.


WE DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS, or buy our ingredients from companies who do.  Most of our products are VEGAN FRIENDLY already, but all of our balms and Beard Balm contain beeswax.  We are currently working on making vegan friendly options.


Everything we make is inspired by NATURE & by the VINTAGE era.  The days gone by, when natural at home beauty remedies were part of life. Our homage to the time of polka dots and candy stripes ;)


About our name change:

Some of you may know our company as Scrub Therapy, or Scrub Therapy - Beauty Apothecary. We started out with one single sugar scrub. And then many sugar scrubs, hence our name back then. We began to make body butter and so on. Because our range has grown into many different products we felt it necessary to change our name so that it better represents what we make; what we do.  We are now in the process of changing our name over from Scrub Therapy to The Beauty Apothecarist.  



Since I was a young girl I've enjoyed experimenting with all types of natural at home beauty treatments using natural ingredients found in the kitchen. It interested me so much that I ended up attending school for it. "Beauty School" that is ;) I graduated from Palomar Institute of Cosmetolgy in San Diego, California with an Esthetician (skincare) license. As a side note, I am an Expat from sunny Southern California living here in Bonny Scotland.  


Custom Requests:

I've found that creating products requested and inspired by my friends and customers is the best fun. There is this level of half fear, half excitement over how each new blend is going to turn out. I've added some of my personal faves to the shop (such as Magic! Healing Balm & Tangerine Love).  I encourage anyone interested in something specific and unique to enquire.


If there is something we do not currently make, but you'd like me to try it out, PLEASE DO ASK.  Just know this: We wont sell it to you if it doesnt do what it "says on the tin", and we always guarantee your money back. Thank you for visiting our website today, and if you're a person who uses social media click on any of the links at the top of the homepage to stay in touch, or stay informed on our latest activity.  


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Tara - Creative Director & Apothecarist


My Nana. One of my BEST vintage beauty inspirations.