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This organic anti-oxidant mask with seaweed, beetroot juice, spirulina and clay powders starts out as a grey green colour.  Once you mix it up, it turns into a purple grey green, and once applied to your face, you may scare your family members or housemates if they come across you unexpectedly.  Hence the title, Monster Mask.  You may look like a monster as you wear it, but your skin will be so happy and thankful you did it.  Very worth it.  Here are some of the other benefits your skin will enjoy: Increases Moisture Balance. Antioxidant. Antibacterial. Anti-Inflammatory. Toning. Vitamins & Minerals delivery. Deep Cleans pores.
Organic Anti-oxidant Face Mask - Monster Mask
This scent will remind you of going on holiday to a tropical island. It's blend of Orange, Bergamot, Rosewood, Frankincense & Benzoin Essential Oils will be sure to become a favourite of yours.   Originally a custom made sugar scrub for a friend.  We took a favourite scented lotion of hers, and recreated the scent in our sugar scrub for her.  It also inspired the fragrance for our Heaven Scented Solid Perfume.  It is a gorgeous scent we were so happy to be introduced to.  The 100ml tin is legal for airplane travel.
Seychelles (Tropical Holiday Scented) -  Sugar Scrub therapy
This is a body butter used to help to treat not only stretch marks and scars, but to help treat cellulite, minor body acne or break outs, and to improve overall skin tone.  Cellulite is actually a build up of toxins, and regular massage of this detox blend will help to combat it.  Using this blended butter as well as our Blast! sugar scrub will help to combat mild body acne. 60ml & 100ml are legal airplane travel sizes.
Cellulite, Body Acne, Skin Tone - Blast! Treatment - Super Butter!
Our candles we like to think of as body butter which can be melted and poured.  Light it and enjoy as a candle, and once it is melted to the edges it can be poured into your hands or directly onto the skin for easy application on yourself, or as a massage treat for someone else.  They come in 60ml tins, which are conveniently legal travel size :)
Massage Butter Candles - Lemony Lavender & Citrus Mistress
Ultra refreshing scent! A wonderful boost for the morning. Helps to treat keratosis pilaris, soften, tone & exfoliate the skin.
Lemony Lime - Scrub Therapy
This little pillbox container is suitable for taming hair and facial hair.  Can be used for sealing down fly aways and partings to give a more chic and controlled look.  Used on facial hair, it's a great soothing and controlling, or shaping balm.
Hair Pomade & Beard Balm

Chemical Free.

Preservative Free.

Pure, Natural & Organic Ingredients.  

Vintage Inspiration.




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