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Our Anti-oxidant Blast Oils can be used as an oil cleanser, beneath a facial mask, around eyes during a facial mask, as an overnight treatment, a scalp treatment, the uses are endless.  Our oils have been carefully selected for their beneficial anti-oxidant properties, and some of them have been infused with lavender and rose petals.
Anti-Oxidant Blast Facial Oils - 50ml
Once we discovered Squalane it was time to create our own oil based serum. Our serum will change your skin tone, and keep the fine lines at bay, even helping to reverse ones you may already have.  It is literally a BOOST for your cells.  Your skin will be smiling :)
Cell Boost Serum - 30ml
Naturally Scented Seasonal Room Sprays made freshly each season. Each Spray contains spring water (drawn from organic land),  Polysorbate 20 (Naturally derived Emulsifier). This year we will be adding a tiny dash of Preservative Eco, a naturally derived preservative to our blends, so they are guaranteed to last for the entire year, not just the season they were created in.
Seasonal Room Sprays - 100ml
Do you enjoy the smell of fresh Gingerbread Cookies in the holiday season?  Why not all year round? We have created a blend with just the right amount of naturally spicy essential oils to give you this gorgeous (for your skin) scrub.
Gingerbread - Scrub Therapy
Each of our mask formulas comes with enough powder to make six or seven masks (this is not including the fact that if you have extra mixed mask left over,  you can save it covered in the fridge for a few days to do another mask).
Spiced Pumpkin Pollen - Organic Anti Aging & Brightening Mask
Our beautifully scented bath melts come in a golden candy tin. The tin is filled to the brim with 100 grams of truffles, as well as a flourishes of dried jasmine, roses,and  pink himalayan salt. We also provide you with a bath strainer to catch the petals and protect your bath drain.
Bath Melt Truffles

Chemical Free.

Pure, Natural

& Organic Ingredients.  

Vintage Inspiration.




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