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Our Bath Crystals come in three different sized jars; each comes with a bath drain protector strainer to catch the seaweed and the petals when you let the bath water out.  We have hand picked  and blended each ingredient for their varying special qualites.  Each ingredient is organic, pure, and natural, and each ingredient complements the others.  All of them combined makes for a soothing, detoxifying, beautifying and aromatic bathing experience.  You and your skin deserve the best.  Please see below for more information on the specific benefits, instructions, and the list of ingredients:
Lavender & Seaweed - Detox & Beautify Bath Crystals - Bath Salt
These beautifully scented chocolate orange spice and white choclate bath melts come in a golden candy tin. The tin is filled to the brim with 100 grams of truffles, as well as a flourish of rose petals himalayan pink salt, and dead sea salt. You will also get a bath strainer to catch the petals and protect your bath drain.
Bath Melt Truffles - Chocolate Orange Spice
Our take on Cleopatra's famous bathing ritual.  Provides relief for dry irritated skin, as well as for muscle aches and pains. Reduces swelling & removes toxins.  Aromatic essential oils and ground lavender give off the loveliest aroma while floating jasmine flowers & rose petals make you feel truly pampered. Which you deserve.
Cleo's Aromatic Milk Bath - with Organic Milk, Lavender, Cocoa Butter, Oats & Flowers
Large Japanese exfoliation body cloth.  Because of the size and shape, it makes it easier to get the entire back of your body. Because of the texture,  the cloth can be used wet with soap, making a very fabulous lather, or it can be used before your shower or bath, as a dry exfoliator, similar to a body brush.
Japanese Body Exfoliation Towel
The bare essentials you will need for doing facial masks at home.  Here is what you get:
Face Mask Accesories Kit
50 grams of mask powder in a screw top jar.  The jar contains enough to make six masks.
Superfood Anti-Oxidant Face Mask - Monster Mask

Chemical Free.

Preservative Free.

Pure, Natural & Organic Ingredients.  

Vintage Inspiration.




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